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Fresh and forward-looking by design, bZ4X is loaded with some of our most innovative thinking and advanced technology. The result is a zero emissions vehicle that delivers an exhilarating ride along with the capability and versatility you’d expect in an SUV. Available in Front- and All-Wheel-Drive models.


Striking Design

The bZ4X boasts distinctive aesthetics with its sleek lines and a dynamic SUV posture. Featuring an extended wheelbase, the placement of the wheels at the corners accentuates its assured performance on all types of roads. The fluid character lines seamlessly extend to the rear, presenting a silhouette that exudes readiness for the challenges of tomorrow.

20-In. Machine-Finished Alloy Wheels

The 20-inch black machine-finished alloy wheels on the bZ4X not only enhance its robust SUV structure but also captivate your focus.

Aerodynamic Performance

bZ4X boasts a sleek aesthetic crafted with intent. Strategically placed lower front bumper vents, along with a completely enclosed underbody, facilitate optimal airflow both around the front and beneath the vehicle. The aerodynamic styling culminates in a refined rear profile, showcasing a ducktail spoiler and an optional split roof rear spoiler.

Distinctive LED Headlights and Taillights

Experience a radiant style that extends seamlessly from the front to the rear. The bZ4X boasts slim-profile quad LED headlights and Daytime Running Lights (DRL) at the front, showcasing its contemporary aesthetic. Meanwhile, the rear captivates with a striking design featuring LED taillights and a full-width light bar that demands attention.

Two-Tone Styling

bZ4X’s available two-tone black roof gives it a look that’s unique and further enhances its sleek design.

Interior Design

The interior of bZ4X radiates warmth and comfort, featuring an open layout that effortlessly offers a cabin space with generous legroom and unwavering convenience, making no compromises.

Fixed Panoramic Moonroof

In the bZ4X, the future appears more radiant. Simply activate its expansive power sunshade that extends across the roof. Whether you're seated in the front or rear, you can enjoy gazing at the stars or welcoming the sunshine.

Premium Interior

Experience luxury each time you step into the bZ4X. From the premium leather-wrapped steering wheel to the customized comfort of optional heated and ventilated front seats, you'll sense the commitment in every meticulous detail.

Intelligent Convenience

With standard rain-sensing wipers designed to activate automatically in wet conditions and an auto-dimming rearview mirror to reduce glare, each drive is accompanied by a sense of ease. To enhance your comfort efficiently, the bZ4X's Eco function conserves energy by adjusting the air temperature for front passengers, while an optional radiant foot-and-leg heater swiftly provides warmth.

Exceptional Ride

Embark on a tranquil journey with bZ4X. Its advanced suspension system ensures a stable drive while effectively minimizing road vibrations and noise. Strategically positioned sound-insulation and absorbing materials throughout the vehicle enhance your experience, allowing you to revel in more moments of personal tranquility.

e-TNGA Platform

Crafted exclusively for Toyota electric vehicles, the e-TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) platform design not only enhances the cabin's spaciousness but also establishes a robust foundation, ensuring exceptional driving performance, ride comfort, and road stability.

All-Wheel Drive With X-MODE

Whether guiding you through a rainstorm or embracing the twists of a serpentine road, the bZ4X's accessible AWD capability instills confidence to navigate with assurance. Activating X-MODE with a simple button press maximizes the bZ4X's AWD potential, fine-tuning drive force, braking, and throttle input for impressive performance in challenging conditions.

Powerful Electric Motor

bZ4X takes advantage of an electric powertrain by delivering almost instantaneous torque to a drive that comes naturally. Front-wheel-drive models use one electric motor to produce 201 hp with 196 lb.-ft. of max torque, while all-wheel-drive models harness two electric motors to deliver 214 hp with 248 lb.-ft. of max torque to both axles combined

Estimated Range Ratings

Delight in the electric driving experience with the confidence of driving a Toyota, boasting an EPA-estimated range of up to 406 Kilometres for front-wheel-drive models and up to 367 Kilometres for all-wheel-drive models.

Regenerative Braking With Boost Mode

The distinctive driving sensation of the bZ4X stems from its innovative approach to harnessing and delivering electric power. By fine-tuning the force applied to the accelerator pedal, you can effortlessly access the bZ4X's power. When the accelerator is not engaged, regenerative braking comes into play, recapturing lost energy during coasting and aiding in gradual deceleration.

Toyota App Connectivity

Unlock the full potential of your smartphone. With a Remote Connect trial/subscription, the Toyota app empowers you to effortlessly manage and stay linked to your bZ4X even when you're not near it. Monitor your vehicle's charge, remotely lock, unlock, and start your vehicle, locate the nearest public charging station, and enjoy additional peace of mind on the go. The three-year Remote Connect trial is included. *Dependent on a 4G network.

12.3-In. Toyota Audio Multimedia Touchscreen Display

The bZ4X features a contemporary design with its standard 12.3-inch Toyota Audio Multimedia touchscreen display seamlessly emerging from the centre console. With intuitive touch controls, you can effortlessly manage various functions, including clear turn-by-turn directions, multimedia operations, and seamless connectivity for your compatible smartphone, allowing you to enjoy your favourite apps and playlists.

Top-Mount Multi-Information Display

Information that meets the eye. bZ4X’s top-mount Multi-Information Display (MID) is placed right above the steering wheel, to clearly give you vehicle details, outside temperature, driver assist systems and more—all to help keep your eyes on the road ahead.

Advanced Park

Navigating a tight parking situation? Toyota's Advanced Park, available for use, utilizes multiple sensors to assist drivers in maneuvering their vehicle into or out of confined parking spaces. Simply activate Advanced Park from inside your vehicle, and witness it effortlessly handle the challenging task.

Qi Wireless Charging and USB Ports

Say goodbye to cables with the built-in Qi wireless charger. Just position your Qi-compatible device in the center console for seamless wireless charging on the move. For enhanced versatility and increased convenience, the bZ4X is equipped with four USB-C ports and one USB-A port, allowing you to connect and power up a range of devices.

Digital Key Capability

Ease within reach. With an active Remote Connect trial or subscription, gain access to bZ4X Limited’s Digital Key. This innovative feature detects your Bluetooth®-connected compatible smartphone, allowing you to effortlessly lock/unlock and start/stop your vehicle. Extend this convenience by sharing your Digital Key with others through the Toyota app, providing them with similar access to your bZ4X when you're not around. Dependent on a 4G network.


In optimal conditions, charging from Low Battery Light to 80% can be achieved in approximately 30 minutes (FWD) or around 35 minutes (AWD), delivering a charging rate of about 6 miles per minute (FWD) and 5 miles per minute (AWD).

Experience swift and convenient home charging with the bZ4X's portable dual-voltage charging cable.* Its capability to completely charge your vehicle, irrespective of its previous charge level, in just 9.5 hours makes it perfect for overnight charging. Plug in with confidence, knowing you'll be ready to embrace the full potential of tomorrow.

An excellent choice for drivers who don't frequently embark on long journeys. Charging is convenient, as it can be done anywhere with a standard household 3-prong outlet, providing an average of up to four miles per hour of charge.


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